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Looking back, looking forward

As we wait for the Khadi Festival 2016, we take a look back at last year's event

Last year, the Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh (FDCB) launched its first annual Khadi Festival showcasing our indigenous textiles as imagined by leading fashion designers at home and in India. The event was a resounding success, generating conversation and interest in our local weaves.

looking-back-looking-forward-1looking-back-looking-forward-2 looking-back-looking-forward-3As 2016 draws to a close, the FDCB prepares for Khadi Festival part deux, and this one promises to be more extensive Kihaad and better. For one thing, the line-up is going to be bigger, with a larger international participation. Exciting new designers from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka Myanmar and Thailand have confirmed their participation. Our local designers have also been given an exciting theme to work with, but more on that later. For now, we’re leaving you with images of last year’s event, as a refresher.

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