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Replay to explore new markets in 2017

Replay, the iconic Germany based denim brand, is planning to get into new markets like South America and South East Asia by the beginning of the next year. The brand also plans to increase its presence in the US by mid-2017. The company aiming to be a global brand, already has a huge market in Europe, with Germany being its biggest market across the world. “We are planning openings in new markets by the beginning of the next year. Two markets in which we are not yet present: South America and South East Asia. I believe by the middle of 2017 we will be present in the US with a decent approach. And I believe in my cooperation in China. China will grow very much,” CEO of Replay Matteo Sinigaglia. Talking about the company’s latest innovation, Sinigaglia said that they have disruptive new denim for women called ‘Touch’, which will be launched on November 15. It is super soft to touch and the company claims to move the denim sense to another level with it. When asked about sustainability in the denim business, he said, “There are two approaches to making more sustainable denim. One is consumption and the other is the use of water. So we were looking for a way to make no one pay for their rights. Everybody should have the right to clean water.” “We were one of the first to introduce technologies such as Laserblast in our process, with which we were able to reduce the use of water by almost 90 per cent. We substitute chemicals with technology. By using these refined industrial processes, we found a way not to make the end-consumer pay for the hidden costs of our production,” he added.