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RMG workers clash with cops over arrears: 20 people hurt

At least 20 people including police were injured during a clash yesterday between police and garments workers at Rupganj of Narayanganj.The garments workers blocked the busy Dhaka-Sylhet highway for two hours from noon, demanding their two months’ due salaries.Police charged baton and used 10 rounds of tear shells to disperse the agitated workers, who vandalised 10 to 12 vehicles during the clash and threw brickbats at cops, said witnesses.Around 10km long tailback was created on both sides of the highway.There are around 1,500 garments workers in the export oriented garments factory Benetex (Harvest Rich), but the authority did not pay their two months’ salaries, said police and witnesses.Local lawmaker Golam Dastogir Gazi came to the spot around 2:30pm and assured the workers of getting their salaries by April 10, which helped bring the situation under control, said police.The factory’s worker Monir Hossain, who also became wounded during the clash, said they are facing huge financial crisis. Previously the owners assured them of giving their salaries on Monday, which they did not, he said.Selim Ahmed, administrative manager of Benetex garments, said the salary of February was supposed to be paid on April 10 and they assured it few days back. But eight to 10 workers around 9:30am suddenly started chanting slogans saying that they want it now.At one stage they went to the street where many outsiders joined them, he said.Selim said their gas connection was cut off in mid-February due to gas bill arrears. They had to pay that bill first, adding that the salary of February would be paid on April 10 and on the same day they would announce the date of payment of salary of March.Md Mahmudul Islam, officer-in-charge of Rupganj Police Station said the workers brought out a procession last Sunday also and blocked the highway. The situation came under control once they got the assurance of getting their salaries by April 10, he said.


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