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Sales Negotiation Skills

Course Name: Sales Negotiation Skills


The workshop helps the sales force in negotiating items such as price, benefits and service levels. Participants learn how the cost and perceived value of benefits may differ in the mind of each client. They will learn how to negotiate deals that are perceived as valuable to the client and are cost effective for the company, and how to utilize the full range of sources of value at their disposal when negotiating (including intangibles). Emphasis will be placed on attaining good results from the negotiation while maintaining a strong relationship with the client.


By participating in Sales Negotiations, participants will be able to:
– Negotiate more profitable business deals for the selling organization
– Build customer relationships and loyalty through tough, but fair, negotiation
– Increase win rates for new business opportunities by negotiating deals that create clear value for customers

Target Audience

The course is designed for both new and experienced salespeople who need to improve their approach and interpersonal skills to conduct productive sales conversations in today’s highly competitive selling environment

Course Duration

Two-Day workshop