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Vicunha Textil to join Denim Expo

Vicunha Textil has announced that it will be participating in the Bangladesh Denim Expo that will take place in Dhaka on May 17-18, 2017. With its participation, the company remains committed to Bangladesh’s position as the second biggest denim supplier for Europe.The company has also created a collection especially customised for the Asian market.”We recognised the power of the market and Bangladesh’s strong potential very early on. The results are reflected in our success. The country has meanwhile developed into the second-biggest denim supplier for Europe and, within the shortest time, Bangladesh Denim Expo has become an absolutely essential platform for the further expansion of our business relations there. As one of the biggest denim producers in the world, Vicunha wishes to further uphold its pioneering role in the global denim market. The trade fair is an important aspect of this,” said Thomas Dislich, MD of Vicunha Textil for Europe and Asia, reports Fibre2Fashion.Following the introduction of its temperature control denim last season, Vicunha has continued to expand on the theme and has launched a selection of hi tech and hi performance fabrics. Using hi tech yarns from Nilit it introduced 3 hi tech fabrics with antibacterial, moisture wicking properties and temperature control: ‘Body Fresh’ keeps wearers fresh throughout the day, preventing the growth of bacteria that causes body odour. Extremely resilient, its antimicrobial properties last for at least 50 washes. ‘Aquarius’ with a high-performance yarn engineered to wick moisture away from the body, offers comfort to the wearer that assures a lifetime of effectiveness. The attributes are intrinsic in the fibre, and will not wash off the fabric.‘Breeze’ helps maintain constant body temperature during and after physical performance and hot weather. Use of a special polymer creates soft touch and provides super ventilation.


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