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Jute alternative discovered!

When we utter ‘golden fiber’, the glory of jute surfaces in our mind. Jute is called the Golden Fiber of Bangladesh.  Dr Md Anwarul Islam, professor of Pharmacy department at Rajshahi University (RU), has discovered another fiber which could be an alternative to jute. The fiber is comfortable, hard and long-lasting in quality. It is brighter than the fiber of jute. About the new discovery, Anwarul said that he found this fiber from a plant in his three years research. Without disclosing the name of the plant the professor said the plant is available in the bush and jungles of the country. The plant can be used as the alternative of jute plant and its fiber is able to give the same service like the jute, he added. The research is now at the middle stage. However, he did not disclose the name of the plant on startegic ground. More academic research needed to make this fiber useable, said Anwarul, adding that fund raising is a must to complete the research. “If commercial production is possible, then we will be able to use it in textile and Ready Made Garments.”The new discovery will add a dimension to garment industry said the professor, adding that, we could be able to export it after fulfilling the demand of local markets. He termed the fiber ‘RK Fiber’. RU science faculty dean Anwarul is also the member of Bangladesh Pharmacy Council, Chief of Economic Director of Pharmaceutical Journal.


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